Do you know that many countries in the world will switch to Green for The World Cerebral Palsy Day on 6/10?

Green is the color of faith and hope, it represents the luck and buds- the color of the global cerebral palsy community.

Wearing Green on October 6th and We are One.

The World Cerebral Palsy Day (October 6th) aimed at enhancing the social awareness about cerebral palsy and people living with cerebral palsy around the world.

Since 2006, Green has been chosen as the color of cerebral palsy. Starting in The US on March 25th, Go Green Campaign was launched in 50 States of the country, then it has been spread out and chosen as the campaign to raise public awareness about cerebral palsy on World CP Day (October 6th).

In those days, people in the world usually wear T-shirts, badges, ribbons, and green accessories; decorate offices, houses, schools, and public places with green; and hold events with green themes.

All around the world, many landmarks, buildings were lighted up with green to share advocacy with the cerebral palsy community.

A sport event name “CP Move As One” was initiated. People often march, walk and push wheelchairs for cerebral palsy people to express solidarity in the world of non-discrimination.


Each disease has a representative color which helps to raise public awareness, such as pink- Heart disease, blue- Autism, yellow- children with cancers. So what is the reason of chosing green to represent the cerebral palsy?

The color was chosen to reflect youthfulness and new growth, and represent a bright and innovative life. Each year, thousands of children are affected by cerebral palsy, and a generation of adults living and working in this world is also affected by this disorder.

Over many generations, people cannot be prevented from being developed and having an independent and bright life despite being affected by cerebral palsy.


The Green Campaign- Go Green 4 CP was officially launched in Vietnam in October every year with the slogan In GoGreen, We Are One– We are one when in the Green World.

The campaign Go Green 4 CP took place from October 1st to October 6th every year ( October 6th is the symbol of the Campaign- The World Cerebral Palsy Day)

The goals of the campaign:

  • Raise social awareness about cerebral palsy;
  • Respond to the Go Green 4 CP campaign in Vietnam every year.
  • Connect and raise fund Superman Family- For Vietnam CP children;

Go Green 4 CP week in Vietnam:

1.Spread the color of CP Community- Green

  • Create and change the frame of Go Green 4 CP on Facebook.
  • Initiate the movement of wearing green clothes, accessories and decorating offices, houses, schools, and public places with green.
  • Light up the landmarks, buildings in green and call people for lighting up their places in green in 3 days October 4th, 5th and 6th.
  • Take photos and share on the social media with the hashtag #gogreen4cp.

2. Organize the Meeting of responding to the World Cerebral Palsy Day on October 6/10 in Hanoi.
3. Organize the Traditional Annual Marathon to support the campaign CP Move As One entitled Lifting your foot

2020 is the first year of spreading the color of CP in community and society in Vietnam. People begin to familiarize with giving a green heart- a signal to those in the CP community recognize each other and a message that we can share our love and support for children with cerebral palsy.

The biggest success of 2020 is that the whole Vietnam CP community was covered with Green– the color of CP community worldwide.  The campaign has been supported by many artists and celebrities; hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools wear green ribbons to support the community; the campaign has been responded widely by many people wearing green clothes and accessories in Go Green week.


The campaign Go Green 4 CP was launched for the first time in Vietnam in 2020.

The information about the campaign Go Green on social media:

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